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The Secret
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sought to breathe one word, but vainly--
Too many listeners were nigh;
And yet my timid glance read plainly
The language of her speaking eye. Gravis Skateboarding Shoes
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Thy silent glades my footstep presses,
Thou fair and leaf-embosom'd grove!
Conceal within thy green recesses From mortal eye our sacred love!
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Afar with strange discordant noises,
The busy day is echoing;
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And, 'mid the hollow hum of voices, I hear the heavy hammer ring.
'Tis thus that man, with toil ne'er-ending, Extorts from Heaven his daily bread;
Yet oft unseen the Gods are sending
The gifts of fortune on his head! Croc Shoes
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Oh, let mankind discover never How true love fills with bliss our hearts!
They would but crush our joy forever,
For joy to them no glow imparts. Thou ne'er wilt from the world obtain it--
'Tis never captured save as prey; Thou needs must strain each nerve to gain it,
E'er Envy dark asserts her sway. The hours of night and stillness loving, It comes upon us silently--
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Away with hasty footsteps moving Soon as it sees a treach'rous eye.
Thou gentle stream, soft circlets weaving, Dr Martins Shoes
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A wat'ry barrier cast around,
And, with thy waves in anger heaving,
Guard from each foe this holy ground!