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The obscure water, the long white lines of advancing foam, the ru
stle and thud, the panting sea-breaths, the pungent sea-smell, The great slow air moving from the distant horizon, the immense
mystery of space, and the soft canopy of the clouds! The swooning thuds go on--the drowse of ocean goes on: The long inbreaths--the short sharp outbreaths--the silence between.
I am a bit of the shore: the waves feed upon me, they come pasturing
over me; I am glad, O waves, that you come pasturing over me. I am a little arm of the sea: the same tumbling swooning dream goes on-
-I feel the waves all around me, I spread myself through them. How delicious! I spread and spread. The waves tumble through and over
me--they dash through my face and hair. The night is dark overhead: I do not see them, but I touch them and
hear their gurgling laughter. The play goes on! The strange expanding indraughts go on! Suddenly I am the Ocean itself: the great soft wind creeps over my face. Cole Hahn Shoes
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I am in love with the wind--I reach my lips to its kisses.
How delicious! all night and ages and ages long to spread myself to the gliding wind! But now (and ever) it maddens me with its touch, I arise and whirl
in my bed, and sweep my arms madly along the shores. I am not sure any more which my own particular bit of shore is;
All the bays and inlets know me: I glide along in and out under the sun by the beautiful coast-line; My hair floats leagues behind me; millions together my children
dash against my face; I hear what they say and am marvellously content. Etienne Aigner Shoes