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My name is John, I'm very interested in books and Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors. That's why I created this site. If you have any questions or you would like to exchange links fell free to mail me. Any comments are also welcome.
A Funeral Phantasy
King Francis
Nadowessian Death-Lament
Round the sun
The Ring of Polycrates
The Secret
The Inn of the Five Chimneys
The Tunnel
The Battle of Gettysburg
Hymn of Pan
Bird thou
May morning
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title: Ankh Morpork Guardian!
description: Lots of information about At first the current of the Persian host Withstood; but when within the strait the throng
Of ships was gathered, and they could not aid
Each other, but by their own brazen bows
Were struck, they shattered all our naval host.
The Grecian vessels not unskillfully
Were smiting round about; the hulls of ships
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Covered with wreckage and the death of men; The reefs and headlands were with corpses filled, And in disordered flight each ship was rowed, As many as were of the Persian host.

But they, like tunnies or some shoal of fish, With broken oars and fragments of the wrecks
Struck us and clove us; and at once a cry Of lamentation filled the briny sea,
Till the black darkness' eye did rescue us. The number of our griefs, not though ten days
I talked together, could I fully tell; But this know well, that never in one day
Perished so great a multitude of men.
night was passing, and the Grecian host
By no means sought to issue forth unseen.
But when indeed the day with her white steeds Held all the earth, resplendent to behold,
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First from the Greeks the loud-resounding din
Of song triumphant came; and shrill at once Echo responded from the island rock.
Then upon all barbarians terror fell,
Thus disappointed; for not as for flight The Hellenes sang the holy paan then, Merrell Shoes
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